38 weeks 5 days

Posted by lena on April 23rd, 2008 filed in baby news

Only in childbirth does the term “any day now” refer to an entire month.  A month of heartburn, sleepless nights, and swollen limbs.  I spent much of last night alternating between trying to pull in a full breath of air as the baby pressed against my lungs and swallowing down heartburn from hell.  Poor Adam, I think I must have woken him up more than a few times.

I had a few contractions yesterday (real ones…not those useless Braxten Hicks), but nothing regular.  Went for a walk with my friend and her son then promptly came home and slept for an hour.  I’m trying to gather up enough motivation to call another friend and go for a walk around Greenlake (a quite ambitious 3 mile trek riddled with joggers, bikers, and housewives pushing strollers…I guess that will be me pretty soon).

In an effort to watch less TV (this is national turn off you TV week), I searched Netflix for some interesting “watch it now” movies and found this wonderful series that aired on Showtime called “Weeds” about a suburban housewife who sells drugs to support her family.  I’m addicted (no pun intended) and have watched the entire first season so far this week – it doesn’t count as TV watching if you are not actually watching it on the TV.

Time to get up and go.  So far I’ve been successful in obeying my number one rule for not working: GET OUTSIDE AND EXERCISE EVERYDAY.  The dark storm clouds are threatening to stop me today, but, hey, this is Seattle.  If you don’t do things in the rain, you really don’t do much of anything.

One Response to “38 weeks 5 days”

  1. Matt Scholz Says:

    The baby’s not coming out until you invent a gender neutral series of adjectives to describe people.

    It should be easy.

    Also, I think you should go ahead and cut a hole in your mattress for the baby, so you can sleep on your stomach.