39 weeks 2 days 10 hours (not that I’m counting)

Posted by lena on April 28th, 2008 filed in baby news

The baby dropped last Friday (his 39th week conception date). This doesn’t mean anything in terms of how soon she is coming (notice I’ve decided to switch up the gender pronouns so as not to give the child too much of a complex either way) – it could be today – it could be in 3 weeks, but it does mean that I can bring in a full breath of air and that heartburn is a mere annoyance rather than a life threatening situation. My stomach looks more pentagonal than round and if you have half an hour to kill and you stare at my belly, you can watch the little one move around inside – not unlike an alien threatening to burst out 🙂

I went to my school’s annual auction last Saturday night and had a lot more fun than I thought I would. I “dressed up” – a.k.a. wore the only thing that wasn’t sweat pants that still fits – and even managed to put on make-up – something I haven’t done in months. I felt like the queen bee. All my co-workers/friends were so glad to see me, and they told me what a difficult time my sub was having teaching my class – much to my secret delight. The food was decent (and free for teachers) and I even tried to bid on an auction prize, but the price jumped by like a thousand dollars before I even got my card off my plate.

In other “related to baby” news: my nesting instinct kicked in. I decided Saturday that we needed to have a guest bedroom and we needed it now. Adam and I then spent the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday moving furniture (OK, he moved furniture, but I supervised really well), buying new furniture, and selling old furniture in order to turn the tiny downstairs office into a guest bedroom. As if I didn’t know that I’d found an amazing husband already, any guy that is willing to give up his entire weekend to help satisfy a crazy, hormone induced urge of mine is one in a million. On the up side, we now have a beautiful guest bedroom that doubles as an office (don’t ask me how we fit everything into that tiny room – I really don’t think that the physics make sense if I examine them too closely).

Thats it for today. I have a prenatal appointment in a few hours. If there is anything staggering to report, I’ll post it, otherwise, I’ll write more soon.

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  1. Matt Scholz Says:

    Have you considered that, by switching pronouns on the baby you’re giving said baby a complex all by itself?

    From now on, you should simply invent a pronoun. I suggest heirm.(pronounced hair-m).