40 weeks and forever

Posted by lena on May 13th, 2008 filed in baby news

I have officially reached the point in my pregnancy where anyone at all who has been paying the smallest amount of attention would think that I would have a baby by now.  I don’t.  I just have an incredibly huge stomach and a body that is falling apart.  I have been getting the random, “hey can we stop by and see the little one” phone calls.  I want to reply, “only if you have x-ray vision”.  I love the phone call, though, so keep them coming!

I do have exciting news to report.  I saw my midwife yesterday and, despite my step B, she did an internal exam and striped my membrane to get things moving.  Basically, what this does is cause intense contractions that help dilate the cervix. She was so pleasantly surprised to find that my cervix is responding beautifully and my body is basically doing everything that it needs to do to prepare for this birth – if only the contractions would start.  Anyway, over the course of about 5 very painful minutes, she dilated me from 2 centimeters to 4 centimeters and even felt the baby’s head!  The baby’s head is at 0 station, which means that it is firmly planted in my pelvis – hence all the pain I’ve been having.

After leaving the office, I went for a long walk and was even contracting regularly (one minute contractions every 4 to 7 minutes) – and then they stopped!  I’m hoping that they will come back today.  Its pouring outside and I am not relishing the idea of walking in the rain 42 weeks pregnant, but if that is what needs to be done, then so be it.

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  1. Vanessa Says:

    Awww Lena, I’ve been thinking about you this week and know how uncomfortable you are feeling. All of mine went to about 42 weeks and by the last few days I was just trying to remember what is good about being pregnant. Just think of how you probably have all new respect for your body and what it can do and soon enough you’ll be so strong from lifting a baby around (you would think they are light, but just wait and see!) And if it helps to tell yourself that every time someone asks if there is a baby yet, there is probably a little peaceful energy that is released into the world– all because of you, that can’t hurt! Anyway we are thinking of you guys! Much love, Aunt V, Uncle J and the girls…