What would we do without grandmothers

Posted by lena on June 12th, 2008 filed in baby news

Its been a busy week and I am fully ready to admit that I never could have done any of this on my own.  I’ve had my mother, Susie, living with me for the last three weeks and I have never been so grateful for anyone in my life.  She cooks for us, cleans for us, and holds Illy when I need to do things like shower and eat.  It almost seams easy when you have this kind of support.  I’m beginning to understand why different cultures make it such a priority for many generations to live together.  Raising a child requires more than two people.  I have also had support from the other grandmothers.  Its amazing how difficult things like cooking become when you have a fussy baby who is only happy if you are constantly rocking her (with both hands).  Susie is leaving on Monday morning and I’ll admit that I am freaking out a bit.  I don’t know how I am going to get everything done that needs to get done and take care of myself and Ilya.

I’ve been reading a blog written by a friend of a friend who just had twins!  Twins!  I can’t even begin to imagine how challenging this whole motherhood thing would be if I had TWO babies.  She gives me hope that if she can take care of two babies, I can certainly take care of one.  Its funny how people we’ve never met can change our outlook on the world.

At the recommendation of our doctor, Ilya had been taking warm baths almost every night to clear up some congestions that she is having.  She love the water.  Last night, Daddy held her head and let her float around the tub.  Every time she encountered the side of the tub, she would kick off it and smile as she was able to move her body around.  It was so much fun to watch.

Today we are off to the zoo.  Its still cloudy here in Seattle, but the weatherman promises that it will clear up and be sunny (I know, I’m trusting the weatherman).  While some might argue that it is pointless to take an infant to the zoo as she will most likely sleep though the entire experience, I like to believe that these experiences are permeating her deeper sub-conscious.  When she gets older, she will have fond associations with places like the zoo (and the Pacific Science Center which is her daddy’s favorite place to go).

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