Hangin’ out with Aiden

Posted by lena on July 15th, 2008 filed in baby news

Ilya and I met Bekah and Aiden at third place books today.  Aiden is a wonderful, sweet, funny, two year old who has more energy than a room full of pre-schoolers.  I was exhausted just watching him run around.  Poor Bekah would have just enough time to sit down before she had to chase him away from the light switches, or the ATM, or the photo booth – he is particularity fascinated by anything that has buttons.  As I watched this ball of pure energy single handedly exploit every weak spot in the store, I felt blessed to have this wonderful sleeping baby securely against my chest.  I don’t know how parents of toddlers survive, but I’m hoping that there are some secret mommy genes that kick in that give mommies the strength to handle their children at any age.  Ilya woke up for about an hour while we were browsing books, but rather than run through the store tearing books from displays as her buddy Aiden was doing, she looked around and made the cutest cooing noises so that every one who passed by had to comment on how cute she was.  She’s got the world wrapped around her finger if she can keep this up.  Her smiles certainly melt my heart every time that I see them.

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