Bragging rights

Posted by lena on September 26th, 2008 filed in Uncategorized

I don’t mean to brag but I have a brilliant daughter. This morning she rolled from her back to her front all by herself!  It was so exciting. Just now, she did it again! Does life get better than this? I think not. I say she is brilliant because rolling from back to front is a 6 month milestone and she is but 4 months old. Go Illy! She has yet to concore the front to back milestone (a 4 month milestone) but no pressure. Its like she just passed calculus without finishing algebra.

In other news, we have been walking around Greenlake everyday (a goal of ours) for the past 11 days. Thats 3 miles a day – which puts us up to 33 miles so far (ahh math, how do I miss thee…seriously, I was watching terminator last night and one of the characters said, “each file is taking me 5 minutes to hack and there are about 1000 files, you do the math” and I did! I’m such a dork). Ilya loves the lake. She smiles at everyone we pass and everyone loves her – they smile and talk and tell me what a cute/happy/wonderful baby I have. Don’t I know it – she can roll from her back to her front all by herself 🙂

Oh yea, she is also reading!

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